Moore’s Logan Hunter – Academic Athlete of the Month Presented by Republic Bank & Trust

By Derrick Smith

Time is precious to most high school student-athletes, as they have to split their time between schoolwork, sports, and other activities. It can become a little hectic at times, but Logan Hunter says that you have to come at it with the right attitude.

“My schedule each day goes something like this,” he said. “I come home from school and get as much work done as I can. After about two hours at home I go to train for two hours every day, no matter the weather. I’ve decided to not work a job because the stress of school and practice have already put enough on my plate. It’s difficult if you let it be difficult, go at it with a fire in your heart and you’ll be able to do it.”

Hunter is a senior at Moore High School, where he is a member of the swim team. He has been swimming for thirteen years, the last three years have been competitive. His English teacher, Mrs. Lawrence, is the one who helped him decide to get into competitive swimming. 

“I was not interested in sports to begin with,” he said. “As soon as I entered high school, I just wanted to do the classes. When I was in her class, she had told me that I could do anything as long as I put my heart into it. I told her I liked swimming and she had convinced me to join. Thanks to her I have come this far and I plan to go further competing.”

Logan says that his parents, Dwight and Shannon, have served as role models for him as well as an Olympic swimmer. 

“Both of my parents are role models to me because growing up we didn’t have much but it never stopped them from doing what they needed to do,” he said. “Michael Phelps is a big influence for me because I’ve watched him ever since the Athens games and I wanted to do what he did. He hated losing and when he lost, he worked harder so he didn’t lose the next time he competed.”