Southmoore’s Jordan Thompson: Academic Athlete Presented By Republic Bank & Trust

By Derrick Smith

Success is not something that is just given, it is earned through work and effort. Jordan Thompson says that the behind the scenes work is important.
“It takes a lot of time and dedication to become successful,” he said. “But, for me, it also has taken a lot of unseen hours at the gym.”

Jordan is a senior at Southmoore High School, where he plays point guard on the basketball team. He began playing the sport about ten years ago and has played it since. He says the thing he enjoys most about the sport is getting the ball to teammates and getting them buckets. He says that one of the things that gives him the biggest motivation is when someone doubts him or his abilities.

There have been different people throughout his life that Thompson has looked up to, but there are two people that have always been there for him.

“My parents, Jamie Crowe and Chance Thompson are my biggest role models,” he said. “They have done so much for me and helped me get where I am and become who I am today.”

While he enjoys playing basketball, Jordan knows that keeping his grades up are the most important thing.

“I try to give at least an hour or two each night for my homework,” he said. “I just have to make sure and work around my basketball schedule.”

Thompson says that his favorite teacher is his astronomy teacher, Mr. St. Dennis.

“He teaches me about more than just the lessons in the book,” he said. “He teaches me about real life situations.”

The favorite memory that Jordan has of his time playing basketball was going to the Class 6A State Tournament. He and his teammates made it to the semifinals, where they fell to the eventual state champion, Booker T. Washington.