Putnam City North’s Kole Johnson: Basketball Spotlight Presented By Harley Davidson World

By Derrick Smith

The success that Kole Johnson has experienced over the years, whether as an individual or with his teammates, is due to the time and effort that he has put into it. He says that it is not just the personal work that he has put in that has helped him, it has also been thanks to others.

“There has been a lot of hard work and dedication for me to be where I am today,” Johnson said. “Not only that but also the support and love of my family to keep me motivated.”

Kole, a junior at Putnam City North High School, is a point guard for the Panthers’ basketball team. He also plays some at shooting guard. He first started playing basketball at around four years old and has played it since.

While he enjoys playing the game, it is other aspects of being involved with the sport that Johnson likes also.

“I enjoy playing basketball because it keeps me away from all the bad in the world,” he said. “And it keeps me active. Basketball is the only thing I really enjoy in life, no matter the circumstances. The love of basketball that I have keeps me going. I don’t like to quit until I get what I want out of it.”

There have been many people that have made an impact on Kole’s life, but none as much as his dad, Kyle Johnson.

“He is definitely my biggest role model,” he said. “No matter what the circumstances are, he is still going to get the job done. Whatever it may be.”

Along with basketball, Kole is also a part of a club called The Making of Men. It is a large group of students that go out to other high schools and colleges to help them get prepared for the real world. Johnson is also a child mentor at his mother’s daycare.