Noble’s Baylea Smith: Academic Athlete Presented By Republic Bank & Trust

By Derrick Smith

As a student-athlete, it can be difficult to juggle school work, athletics, and a social life. If you do not make the grades, you do not get to play. But if you are not at practice, playing time may be harder to come by. Baylea Smith says that it is tough but you have to prioritize.

“School work and athletics can be difficult to balance at some points,” she stated. “My parents influence me to make academics a high priority. Most of my teachers tend to let us know what we are doing in class ahead of time, therefore I plan ahead and get my work done on nights that I am free. But it never fails on weeks that are packed that I am doing homework or studying on my way to practice.”

Smith is a sophomore at Noble High School. She is a member of the softball team, where she plays shortstop. She is also plays midfield for the soccer team, and guard for the basketball team. She began playing all three sports when she was three years old, so she is no stranger to practice.

Throughout her life, there have been two people there to support her no matter what. Baylea says her parents serve as great role models for her life.

“They are both first generation college graduates,” she said. “They have continued to be the people that I strive to be as I grow up. I can gladly say I would not be who I am today without them.”

The highlight moment of Smith’s sports career came when she was honored to receive an award.

“At last season’s soccer banquet, I received the Virtue Award,” she recalled. “This is one of the most prestigious awards that a student-athlete can receive as it exemplifies character traits that most aspire to achieve.”

Outside of athletics, Baylea serves as class president. She is also involved with Student Council, Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, and Gifted & Talented.