Westmoore’s Claira Skaggs – Character Counts Presented by Eskridge Honda

By Ember McElrath

Starting softball at just four years old, Claira Skaggs grew up in the game and has been loving every minute of it. Claira is a Junior at Westmoore High School. She plays third base for her school’s softball team. Both her mother and father played sports growing up so being part of a team came naturally for Claira. Sports, “definitely runs in my family!” Said Claira.

Claira can’t get enough of the game, not only is she a member of her high school’s team, but she also plays for the Gametime Gold traveling softball team. She is also a member of her high school’s National Honor Society.

Staying motivated can be difficult, but with the coaches that Westmoore high school has it is much easier.

“My coaches keep me motivated through tough times because they always have something encouraging to say when things aren’t necessarily going my way,” Claira said.

The fun of the game is what Claira loves the most about it.

“My favorite part of softball is when my team and I are having run and cheering super loud. This usually happens when we are hitting the ball really well or making great lays on defense,” Claira said.

For the school year Claira is looking forward to working hard in the classroom in hopes of achieving straight A’s for the year. She believes she can do this because of the things softball has taught her.

“Softball has taught me that with hard work anything is possible,” Claira said.