Norman’s Mollie Been – Academic Athlete Presented by Republic Bank & Trust

By Braxton Scott

Norman High School student and Pom squad member Mollie Been is not only an outstanding athlete, but a student as well. Grades have always been a top priority for Been.

“Very important,” Been said. “Getting good grades has always been my priority, but I also really enjoy learning.”

Been has an extraordinary GPA of 4.0 which is very rare when comparing it to other students. She hopes to maintain this during her senior year of high school. You can tell Been enjoys school by the way she discusses her favorite subject.

”My favorite subject is history because I think it is very important to understand patterns and demographics in history that help relate us to our world as it is now,” said Been.

She knows all about hard work on and off the field, and how late you have to stay up to complete an assignment.

“Sometimes I find myself staying up a little later to make sure I finish an assignment after a late game, but usually if I plan ahead, I can manage my grades and pom with not many problems,” said Been.

Been is already planning for her future. Not knowing where she wants to go to college, but knowing what she wants to study.

“In college I would like to study film analysis or film production,” she said.

Been understands the harsh reality of athletes after high school on how tough it is to participate for a team in college. This is why academics is her number one priority.

“Most athletes will not continue with their sports after college, some after high

school. So, athletes should take school and their grades seriously to give themselves more opportunities to learn different things so they have a better idea of what to do career wise after high school or college,” said Been.