Westmoore’s Wyatt Berry – Oklahoma Army National Guard Athlete of the Month

A wrestler for the last six years, Westmoore High School senior Wyatt Berry didn’t wrestle with the decision to join the Oklahoma National Guard. For him, it was an easy decision.

“The Army National Guard gives me the opportunity to be apart of that similar brotherhood to wrestling, but it also gives me the chance to give back to my community, my state, and country,” said Berry.

As a senior at Westmoore, Berry is focused on making the most of his final season as a Jaguar wrestler and making good grades. Berry is considering participating in powerlifting and track this year. He’s also a member of the National Honor Society, which partakes in volunteer work in the community.

Being a part of a team and helping that team succeed is important to Berry.

“My favorite part about my team and my teammates is the atmosphere I am surrounded in. To train, sweat, and bleed together is an indescribable feeling that I love being apart of. The constant motivation that is presented causes each one of my teammates to grow, not only as wrestlers, but as maturing young adults,” said Berry.

The Oklahoma Army National Guard has many opportunities for growth. Berry is looking forward to getting his military career started.

“I would love to continue my future career in 68 Whiskey, a combat field medic or combat health specialist,” said Berry. “The Army is a wonderful opportunity to prepare for my future and only time can tell where my future will lead me; however, my all time goal is to become an orthopedic physician. My future will decide my career for me that I will pursue full time.”

The recruiting process was fun for Berry and he offers some solid advice for other students about to go through the same experience.

“The process was exciting! Knowing that this is my first step into starting my adult life was thrilling and I’m glad that everything went smoothly and I am happy about to begin my military career,” said Berry. “The decision that you will be making can be very nerve-racking, it will change your life forever, but you have to take the first step. Sometimes in life, you must take chances to reach your success.”

Berry is following in his father’s footsteps as an U.S. Army serviceman. His father served in the Army before being medically discharged for an ACL injury. Berry is looking forward to picking up where his father left off.

Congratulations to Wyatt Berry. Westmoore wrestler and future member of the Oklahoma Army National Guard.