Moore’s Taylor McKittrick – Softball Spotlight Presented by Landers Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Norman

By Derrick Smith

Every young athlete has someone that they look up to as a role model. It could be a professional athlete who plays the same sport, but for Taylor McKittrick, her role model is a little closer to home.

“One of my biggest influences is my sister, Bailey,” she said. “I’ve grown up always watching her play softball which influenced me to play as well. In these past five years, it’s been amazing to have her by my side and pushing me through all the adversity I’ve faced. And also, my family, because without them I wouldn’t have had this opportunity to play the game I love.”

Taylor is a senior at Moore High School, where she plays third base and is also a utility player. McKittrick has played softball for twelve years and still loves the game. Becoming the player she is today has not been easy for Taylor, but she says that her success is because of one word.

“Dedication,” she said. “That would definitely be the word I would use. In these past twelve years of playing softball, I’ve missed out on a lot of birthday parties, school dances, family events, social gatherings, and other things.  Looking back at it, I don’t regret a single thing. Softball has been a big part of me and it always will be.”

McKittrick has had many teachers, but there is one that sticks out as the best.

“My favorite teacher is coach Kitchel,” she said. “He teaches Oklahoma History. He has taught me that life flies by so enjoy it while you can. Every time I stepped into his classroom, I always knew it was going to be a good day because of the spirit he brought to the classroom.”

Taylor has a couple of highlight moments that she has experienced throughout her career.

“The first would have to be getting to play in the State Championship game during my freshman and sophomore years,” McKittrick said. “The other would have to be committing to the University of Central Oklahoma on a softball scholarship.”