Noble’s Hunter Reed Largent – Academic Athlete of the Month Presented by Republic Bank & Trust

Noble High School varsity football player Hunter Reed Largent has anchored the offensive line for the Bears all four years of his high school career. Playing for Noble is a source of pride for Largent, but getting good grades is just as important. 

“Academics are very important to me because it’s something you have to take serious if you want to play at the next level in any sport,” said Largent. 

Like most student-athletes, Largent has a favorite subject in school, besides athletics and lunch. 

“History is my favorite because its always interested me the most and I have had the most fun learning that subject,” said Largent. 

For Largent, the balancing act of football and homework is one he takes very serious and at times he admits it can be difficult. 

“At times yes, sometimes are difficult but if your dedicated enough to achieve what you want to do then nothing should stop you including academics,” said Largent. 

His future plans include college and one day becoming a football coach. 

“I would like to go into education and be able to teach history and coach football after my football career has ended. I want to help the next generation realize how to important academics are to sports and at the same time help them bond with the sport,” said Largent. 

His advice to other student-athletes is simple. 

“If you are able to have great grades and a great performance on the field then it just shows college coaches how driven you are to that sport and your career.”