Norman North’s Logan Peltier – Academic Athlete of the Month Presented by Republic Bank & Trust

By Braxton Scott

Norman North High School football player Logan Peltier is an extraordinary athlete and scholar. Peltier puts the classroom before athletics in hope to improve the world. One of his favorite classes at Norman North is physics.

“Physics as it is a useful application of math which can help me to impact my community in the future,” said Peltier.

Although he tries to be the best football player he can be Logan puts the student in student athlete, first.

“Academics are my top priority at the moment, as evidenced by my current enrollment at Stanford summer session,” said Peltier.

It goes to show how smart Peltier really is traveling to a prestigious college like Stanford to work on his future in physics and math. With his outstanding work ethic and dedication he earns high grades. As his GPA is a 3.97 going into his senior year.

In hopes of impacting the world positively, Peltier wants to go into the world of machines and major in mechanical engineering. Peltier believes it is possible to be a great student and a great athlete with a ton of hard work and dedication with a great reward waiting for you.

“It can be difficult but as long as you’re dedicated to doing both at an elite level and are capable of planning realistically it can be very rewarding,” said Peltier.

Peltier thinks grades should always be first priority as they can teach valuable lessons so once you are done with athletics you will have something to keep you upright in the future.

“Athletes should put a focus on grades because in the long run athletics likely won’t be the most effective way for any individual to have a positive impact but classwork can teach many invaluable lessons.”