Noble’s Morgan Johnson – Driven Athlete of the Month – Presented by Landers Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Norman

Noble High School’s Morgan Johnson is an athlete who has put forth the work to better himself on his school’s golf team. Johnson has been playing golf for four years and plans to continue playing throughout his senior year. Golf is something Johnson loves to do and he has proven through out the years of playing that he is driven and motivated to succeed. His sister was the one who first sparked his interest in the sport because Johnson says she used to play golf all the time.

Johnson used to take part in various other sports but decided to focus on golf because he believes to be able to excel in one sport, you have to fully focus on that sport and put your efforts on that particular one, his being golf. He has been devoted to golf and improving himself ever since. He also enjoys getting to shine a light on a less mainstream sport.

“I like competing for my school and succeeding to show people to not only think about football or basketball,” he said.

He admires his coach, Dustin Johnson, greatly because he has a vast amount of knowledge of the sport that Johnson never would have known without him.

“This season for me was a bigger learning curve than most. It proved to me what I am truly capable of doing. I was able to shoot my record low in a tournament this season,” Johnson says as he reflects back on his 2019 season.

Johnson stays motivated by always trying to find a balance between wanting to be great and remaining humble.

“Everyone wants to be number one, which is something you have to fight and work hard for to be able to say you are the best at something,” he said. “At the same time, I pride myself on being humble. Those are big motivators for me.”

Upon graduation in the spring of 2020, Johnson plans to become a Marine Biologist but will never give up his love for golf.