Southmoore’s Bailey Adams – Moore-Norman Area Cheerleader of the Month Poll Winner – Presented by O’Connell’s Irish Pub & Grille

Moore-Norman Area Cheerleader of the Month Poll – Presented by O’Connell’s Irish Pub & Grille

Bailey Adams – Southmoore, 14,520 votes

Rebekah Wright – Noble, 10,613 votes

Bayleigh Miller – Noble, 9,178 votes

Mallory Bowles – Norman, 4,849 votes

Kiara Grant – Moore, 3,768 votes

Ashley Walters – Noble, 3,105 votes

Abby Porter – Norman North, 2,611 votes

Other cheerleaders receiving votes include Olivia Williams – Westmoore, Alec McDoulett – Little Axe, Bailee Passmore – Little Axe, Colby Thomason – Norman, and Kyla Pebworth – Moore.

Bailey Adams – Southmoore

Southmoore senior Bailey Adams has been a cheerleader for about seven years now, after her sister got her interested in the sport. She has lots of school pride and has loved getting to cheer on the Sabercats over the years.

“I like competing for my school because I’m proud of where I go!” she said. “The students and faculty are beyond amazing and I love getting the opportunity to represent them.”

Adams’s teammates are very important to her.

“My teammates over the years have meant so much to me,” she said. “We’re all just a huge family that isn’t afraid to be ourselves around each other and work hard for what we want.”

One moment in particular has been Adams’s favorite in her years of cheer.

“The standout moment that I adore the most would probably be the end of each routine we put out on the floor,” she said. “Just that final moment knowing you did your best and having the feeling of excitement for the whole team.”

As Adams pushes herself to give her all on the mat, she is motivated by the goal of showing people what cheer really is. She keeps the same hard-working mindset outside of cheer in order to make those around her proud.

“The motivation for me to be the best in cheer would be to prove to people that cheerleading is more than what its stereotyped as,” she said. “I am motivated to be the best outside of cheer just to make my family and friends proud and I just love the challenge of it all!”

Adams looks up to a few people in her life and is very appreciative of how they have supported her over the years.

“If I were to have a role model it would be my parents and my sister,” she said. “They have taught me that it’s okay to fail sometimes but that it’s more important to try again! They have truly been my biggest fans and they continue to support me in whatever I pursue.”

Upon graduation Adams plans to attend Oklahoma Baptist University where she will join their cheerleading squad and major in either biology or psychology.