Moore’s Avery Holland – Moore-Norman Area Girls Soccer Player of the Month – Presented by O’Connell’s Irish Pub & Grille

Moore-Norman Area Girls Soccer Player of the Month Poll – Presented by O’Connell’s Irish Pub & Grille

Avery Holland – Moore, 40,564 votes

Rylan Claxton – Westmoore, 35,259 votes

Megan Callicoat – Southmoore, 14,695 votes

Other athletes receiving votes include Maddy Koepke – Southmoore, Allison Austin – Norman North, Jacey Hoy – Noble, and Elle Abbey – Norman North.

Avery Holland – Moore

Moore senior Avery Holland has been playing soccer since she was just a toddler. Her father got her interested in the sport and she has loved it ever since.

Her final season with the Lady Lions varsity soccer team has already seen its ups and downs, but Holland has clear goals and is hopeful for a successful ending to the season.

“I hope to continue to work towards our end goal of becoming state champions,” she said. “I hope to win the rest of our games and continue to build a strong bond within our team.”

The midfielder is thoughtful and intentional about how she approaches the team dynamic on the field. She strives to be a leader by example and work hard to leave her mark on the team.

“I think that I’m a good example of someone who could lead without a title,” said Holland. “I show my leadership through playing on the field. I feel like, in order to lead by example, it’s important to have your team be able to trust you and make sure that you build relationships with everyone on the team, so that it’s not just about the people that are starting, it’s about the entire team because everyone matters and everyone has an impact on the team.”

Holland’s coach, Raj Folmsbee, has seen her character development on and off the field and is proud to have her playing for the Lady Lions.

“Avery is a high-energy, dedicated player that demonstrates her leadership by example,” said Coach Folmsbee. “I have only coached her for two years but it has been great watching her transform into the player she is today. She is involved in many activities in school as well. The team is doing so well because of her senior leadership.”

Holland credits her parents with being her biggest motivators in and out of athletics. She says all of her family members has been role models for her in some way

“They each have taught me something different, but they have all taught to me to never quit, ever,” she said. “They have also taught me that working as a team is more beneficial than working on your own.”

Holland is looking forward to continuing her soccer career at Rose State College after high school. She made the decision to play there after travelling all across Oklahoma and realizing she wanted to stay in state for college.

“I chose Rose State College because it is a two year college with a great team, a great coach, has had lots of success in soccer, and has a good shot at winning a national title,” she said. “It’s close to home and has many degree programs to choose from. I’m super excited to begin my journey there!”