Southmoore's Jordan Thompson – Moore-Norman Area Boys Basketball Player of the Month – Presented by O'Connell's Irish Pub & Grille

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Moore-Norman Area Boys Basketball Player of the Month

Jordan Thompson – Southmoore, 20,479 votes

Caleb Sturges – Noble, 18,922 votes

Joshua G Robinson – Norman North, 8,155 votes

Jabari Jordan – Westmoore, 4,623 votes

Payton Gordon – Westmoore 2,403 votes

Shemar Smith – Norman North, 1,899 votes

Other athletes receiving votes included Ricky Jones – Moore, Toby Prevost – Lexington, Ben Emmert – Norman, and Dylan Gibson – Little Axe

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Jordan Thompson – Southmoore 

For point guard Jordan Thompson, the love of basketball began with watching NBA games at a young age.

“I have been playing basketball for nine years. I had watched an NBA game when I was little, and wanted to play basketball after that,” he said.

The Southmoore junior loves the energy of playing in front of the Sabercats crowd with his teammates. He is always upping the bar for himself to be better on the court and he does the same outside of the gym as well, spending time with his family and being a good influence for younger students.

“I strive to be the best off the court by mentoring younger classmates at my school, and spending time with my family,” he said. “I better myself on the court by trying to get better every day and every time I touch the floor.”

Southmoore head basketball coach Tim Stogsdill holds Thompson in very high regard.

“He is the best point guard in Oklahoma Class 2020,” said Coach Stogsdill. “He is a great floor leader with very high basketball IQ who is very gritty and poised.”

Thompson has many great people in his life who he considers role models but he credits his parents with being his most important mentors. After high school Thompson’s plans include playing basketball in college and beyond, in the NBA or overseas.