Norman North's Bria Boreham: Academic Athlete of the Month – Presented by Republic Bank & Trust


Norman North swimmer Bria Boreham got her start in the sport after she tried nearly every other sport she could play. 

“I started swimming when I was 10 after I tried basically every other sport and discovered, very quickly, that I wasn’t very good at land sports, so I thought I’d try the water. I’ve always loved swimming, and as soon as I found out I could do it as a competitive sport, I was in and I’ve loved it ever since,” said Boreham. 

That love for the sport has spilled over to her team. The Norman North swim team is always tough to compete against and Boreham believes it is because they work hard to be the best they can be for Norman North High School. 

“We all work so hard for the same goals and we give it everything. We’re always at the extra practices and I know that they all want the best for me, it’s a really tight knit family. We get to have a laugh even when we’re tired, and it’s nice to have people that you’re so comfortable around,” said Boreham. 

The Timberwolves have enjoyed a solid regular season, but they are hopeful their hard work will pay off at state. 

“It’s been good, I’ve been working really hard and although the results haven’t quite shown through my meets, I’m trusting the process and I think it’s really going to come together at state,” said Boreham. 

Bria Boreham-Norman

In the classroom, Boreham takes her grades just as serious as she takes cutting time off her personal best. 

“I always strive for the highest grades. It’s extremely important to me to be both a great athlete and a great student. I have very high expectations for myself because I have high expectations of where I want to be in the future. I’m the kind of person that will redo a test if I get less than a 95, but I think these expectations will help me in future endeavors,” said Boreham. 

Like many varsity athletes, Boreham is thankful she has her parents and coaches supporting her throughout her career. 

“Definitely my parents, who have shared the same dreams as me from when I first started swimming, but have never pressured me to keep going if I didn’t want to. Also, my coaches, in particular Katie, Kent, and Ben who have always seen something in me, even when I couldn’t see it in myself. They have pushed me harder and made me into both a good swimmer and a good person,” said Boreham. 

The sophomore has big plans once she graduates. Her future plans include swimming in college and pursuing a degree in the pediatric oncology field.