Norman's Connor Goodson – Academic Athlete of the Month Presented by Republic Bank & Trust

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By John Tranchina

The transition to high school can sometimes be difficult for ninth graders, but so far, Connor Goodson has adjusted pretty smoothly, both in the classroom and on the basketball court.

The Norman High freshman continues to get high grades and recently made his first start for the Tiger hoops squad, gradually improving his game and getting more minutes.

Goodson’s commitment to academics has made that part of his adjustment easier.

“School is always kind of my first focus,” said Goodson, who also plays baseball. “I always like to make sure I end the semester with all As and I’m doing well in all my classes. That’s always kind of a priority I have and I can play basketball after that. If something in the classroom isn’t going right, then I always put that in front of any sport that I’m playing. That’s my mindset towards that.”

“[High school is] kind of the same, a little harder classes, a little bit more work, but I’ve been getting it done and managing my time pretty well, so it’s gone pretty good.”

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One thing that Goodson has had to get used to is a busier schedule, but he continues to get his school work done while also playing basketball and also preparing for the upcoming baseball season.

“It hasn’t been too hard, but it has some nights,” he admitted. “Sometimes practice is late and I have a lot of home work and stuff like that, but I tend to try and keep a schedule and make sure I do things on certain days. I’ve been doing stuff to get ready for baseball season, hitting the cages and throwing and stuff like that. Pretty much if I stay with my schedule, get my stuff done early, don’t put it off, usually I’m good.”

On the basketball court, Goodson also put in a lot of work during the summer and has gotten better as the season has moved along, leading up to his first start in a Norman win over Edmond North on Jan. 8.

“I did a lot of playing AAU basketball, and I always shoot in the gym, go to practices with my team, I was just constantly shooting, kind of working on my game, just making sure that I was ready for the season,” Goodson said of his off-season preparation. “I got my first varsity start, there’s still some nerves since I’m a freshman. I played pretty well, but I still feel like I can do better, and once I really settle in, then I think I’ll be doing really well.”



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