Norman's Jaden Bray: Driven Athlete of the Month – Presented by Landers Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Norman

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By Derrick Smith

Athletes have their own reasons for playing sports. Some do it because their parents want them to, while others do it for the competition. But for Jordan Bray, sports are just instinctual.

“I play sports because I love it,” he said. “It’s as natural to me as breathing, it’s in my DNA. It gives me a sense of responsibility to my school and community because I am representing both and that motivates me to have pride in wearing my uniform.”

Jaden is a sophomore at Norman High School. He is a multi-sport athlete, playing basketball and baseball. On the basketball court, he plays wherever he is needed, while on the baseball diamond, he normally plays left field or shortstop.

When Jaden thinks of role models in his life, he does not have to look very far.

“The biggest influences in my life is my family,” he said. “My parents, Tannica Binder and Alphonzo Bray, are both veterans. My dad is now a Department of Defense Police Officer and my mom has four degrees and is still going after more. My twin sisters, Brittany and Tiffany were student athletes and have now obtained Biology degrees. My family just always instilled in me to not make excuses and to be the standard.  To never quit and to stay focused on faith and the end goal. They set high standards and we hold one another accountable.”


Bray says that all of his teachers have helped him along the way, but one of his elementary teachers words are still close to him to this day.

“Ms. Davis was my fifth grade teacher at Ida Freeman Elementary in Edmond,” he said. “She always supported me and pushed me to be a better student. I will read a letter she wrote me, challenging me to know who I am outside of sports.”

Success in sports, just like in life, takes work says Jaden.

“To be successful in sports or anything takes sacrifice, commitment, and perseverance,” he said. “It also takes faith and for me, family.  If I didn’t have the foundation of family, I wouldn’t know examples of sacrifice, commitment, etc.”

Jaden says he enjoys the success on the court, but there are other highlight too.

“I just enjoy all the great people I have met,” he said. “The friendships I have made are great. I also enjoyed being able to teach basketball to the little kids.”

When he is not playing basketball, Jaden also volunteer with the City of Norman Environmental Services. He also volunteers with his mother helping different elderly and veteran causes.

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