Moore's Sierra Morris – Character Counts Presented by Eskridge Honda

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By John Tranchina

Even though she’s a just a junior, Sierra Morris stepped up to take on a leadership role this season for the Moore volleyball team and helped serve as a great example to not only her younger teammates but to the junior high volleyball players still learning the game.

“This season, I feel like I was more of a leader,” said Morris, who is also a member of the National Honor Society and the Moore Latin Club. “Last year, I wasn’t that outgoing, I didn’t really encourage as much, but this year, I noticed that we had a vacancy and I always tried to be the one to fill it. That’s naturally how I am, I can be kind of outgoing. I feel like when I’m like that, it helps my teammates loosen up a little bit, especially when we’re in tight situations, when things are tense.”

Morris has also enjoyed helping to mentor the junior high volleyball players, as part of Moore’s “Volley Sisters” program, and she certainly made an impact there.


“After every practice, we would meet with the junior high, and I know that, in my group, there were a couple of shy kids, so each week, I would focus most of my attention on them, just so they would feel comfortable around me,” Morris explained. “And by the end of our season, they had opened up and seemed more confident and it was just nice to be able to see them grow. I told them what to expect when they got to high school and how they could maintain their friendships.”

Her team-first, selfless approach did not go overlooked by Lions coach Cassie McGlasson.

“Si is someone who not only works hard on the court and the classroom, but she has bought in to the program we are trying to establish at Moore and the culture our program strives for,” McGlasson said. “She always has a huge smile, positive outlook, and is a big inspiration to our ‘littles’ that she mentors in our junior high program. Si’s attitude is contagious and she is a cornerstone of what we are building here.”


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