Norman’s Sam Wishon: Driven Athlete of the Month – Presented by Landers Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Norman


There are times in life when we do not meet goals that we have set. At that point, you can either give up or work harder. Norman High School’s Sam Wishon knows which one his team picked.

Last season did not go the way that Sam and his Tiger teammates wanted, but that made them work harder this summer.

“Last season we failed to achieve our goals but that resulted in more offseason fuel for us,” Wishon said.

Wishon, who lines up at the linebacker position, knows that success on the field is not just given to you.

“To be successful in football, it takes maximum effort in all situations and aspects, no matter how inconsequential they seem.”

As Wishon enters his final season for the Tigers, he has high hopes for the upcoming season.

“We have the talent and skill,” he said. “It is only a matter of willpower that will determine how well this season goes for us. And as of yet, our will power is pretty strong.”

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Wishon says his biggest role model in his life is Adam Brown, who was killed while on active duty in Afghanistan in 2010. Brown was a drug addict who turned his life around and became a member of SEAL Team Six.

“What impacted me the most from Adam’s life is his unwavering determination and lack of fear,” Sam said. “After falling into the abyss of addiction, Adam crawled his way out and went on to join one of the most elite military units in the world. Even after suffering seemingly career ending injuries, Adam pushed on to continue serving his country until the day he willingly gave his life for his brothers and country. Throughout his life, Adam Brown never showed fear nor hesitation.”

In the classroom, Norman High math teacher Julie Klingensmith has made an impact on Sam’s life.

“She taught me that being smart is only a fraction of what it takes to be a good student,” said Wishon.

Off the field, Wishon is also a member of the National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta and AEGIS Math. He is also an Eagle Scout and Brotherhood in the Order of the Arrow. Earlier this year, he was a delegate to Oklahoma Boys State. And later this year, he will attend the Summer Leadership Experience at West Point Military Academy.

Norman High football coach Rocky Martin says Wishon is a leader both on the field as well as in the classroom.

“He’s a great kid who leads by example on and off the field,” Martin said. “On the field, he’s an aggressive LB with great instincts. Off the field, he’s a 4.0 student who always is reliable. He is a very coachable player that every coach enjoys coaching.”