Southmoore's Jada Atkinson – Academic Athlete Presented by Republic Bank & Trust


By Corey Heim

Member of both Southmoore High School’s basketball and track team, Jada Atkinson has made an impressive mark in her debut year at the school. The 15 year-old freshman has already won accolades including an above GPA award, Academic Excellence in Pre-AP English 1 and carries a 4.0 GPA.

With having to balance academics with athletics most students would struggle giving both equal time and making them top priorities. Atkinson is the exception and makes these choices with ease.

“I’ve made education a priority because it’s really important to me and for my opportunities for the future,” Atkinson said. “I’ve made school come before sports because if my grades aren’t where they should be I won’t be able to compete.”

She credits her father and teammates for their encouragement and acting as her support network. While she’s self-motivated to do well to be proud of herself and have a chance at a scholarship, her friends and family push her to be the best she can be.

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“My dad has influenced me a lot in my sports and if it wasn’t for him I don’t know how I would do,” Atkinson said. “Knowing that people look up to me motivates me to do the best in everything I do as an athlete, teammate and overall good leader.”

In return, she makes her family, friends, teammates and school proud with her dedication and accomplishments. They view her as an inspiration and one of a kind individual.

“She has found so much success as a freshman,” Shanon Atkinson, Southmoore head track coach, said. “Her work ethic is tremendous both in the classroom and on the track. She has proven this year that student athletes can be highly successful academically and athletically. She is just a tremendous kid.”

In addition to her athletic and academic performance, Atkinson enjoys hanging out with her friends, sketching in her free time to relax, and volunteering for Meals on Wheels. Her dreams for the future include excelling in academics and her sports for the duration of high school. After graduating she hopes to compete professionally and show the world just how much more she is capable of.