Southmoore’s Coby Howe – Character Counts Presented by Eskridge Honda


By Kelsey Baucom

Coby Howe started to play soccer when he first got into high school. He always enjoyed the sport, so naturally he picked it up himself.

“Soccer has always been my favorite sport. I am athletic so I thought I would give it a try,” he said. “My favorite thing about competing is that I love the challenge, I am very competitive.

In addition to the competitive aspect of the game that Howe loves, there is also a bond with his fellow teammates that he has come to appreciate. That is part of the reason Howe strives to be a leader for his team.

“The team motivates me to be a good teammate and a leader,” he said. “No matter what I go through on the field, I know that the person next to me, behind me, and in front of me has my back, and I have theirs. It’s a great feeling!”

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One area where leadership can be required on the field is sportsmanship. It’s easy to lose some composure when tensions are high during a game, but Howe tries to maintain a level of character in relation to his own team and their opponents – at the very least, to avoid getting carded.

“Good sportsmanship is very important,” he said. “It makes good chemistry between you and your teammates and also, less yellow and red cards!”

Howe credits his parents and coaches, among others, with being great influences on him over the years, always encouraging him to better himself.

“My parents and my supporters have been an amazing influence,” he said. “My coaches as well, they believed in me from the start and that pushes me to strive better.”

Southmoore boys soccer head coach Kit Stephenson had nothing but praise for Howe.

“In fifteen years of coaching, one of the best kids I’ve ever had,” said Stephenson. “This kid is truly one in a million.”