Southmoore's Savanna Suttles – Character Counts Presented by Eskridge Honda


Written by Kelsey Baucom / Photo Caption: Savanna Suttles (left) competes for possession during a soccer match.

Suttles has played soccer for about nine years now, and the reason she got into the sport was because, as she jokingly says, “I wanted to run, surprisingly.”

Something she enjoys about playing soccer for Southmoore is the energetic school spirit the students share, whether is athletics or otherwise.

“What I like most about my high school is how supportive everyone is whether it’s for a sport team, band, or individual themself,” she said.

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As a senior and someone who has been in the sport for almost a decade, Suttles strives to be a leader on her team.

“I would say having teammates that are like family and have such talent really helps me to be a leader because I want the best for the team,” she said. “They mean so much to me, again, I really want the best for them on and off the field.”

Multiple people make up examples of leadership in her own life, including her family, coaches, and fellow teammates.

“I believe I have a great support system all the way from my family to my teammates and coaches,” she said. “They all help motivate me in every way.”

After graduating, Suttles plans to attend college to continue her education and her soccer career.