Norman's Summer Marshall: Driven Athlete of the Month – Presented by Landers Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Norman


By John Tranchina

Summer Marshall has battled through health issues to excel in golf all throughout her high school career, and after finally getting her mysterious nerve condition somewhat under control, the Norman senior is looking forward to a successful senior season.

“It was just overactive nerves and it was really bad,” Marshall said. “I also had tendonitis in my rotator cuff like three times, so we kind of thought it was that, just inflamed, but I did physical therapy in the midst of trying to golf my freshman year and my sophomore year. It was a really big frustration, I went to multiple physical therapists. I’ve had tons of problems, but it makes you realize how pain-free golf is better.

“I’m finally not dealing with it. It does come back sometimes. A lot of times when I’m dealing with a lot of anxiety, the nerves come back all packed together.”

Medication has helped Marshall get the problem under control, and last year, with the issue mostly contained, she placed 12th at the Class 6A State Championships (86-84-170).

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“Summer has had to overcome several injuries during her career and is a real fighter,” said Norman coach Bruce Renfroe. “She is driven to overcome any obstacle in her way. I am very proud of Summer and her work ethic and perseverance.”

Through it all, Marshall learned to keep battling through the pain, and that she’s a bit tougher than she thought. Her determination enabled her to experience the silver lining in the situation.

“Golf’s already a tough enough game, so it was interesting for me to test my limits and see what I could handle,” said Marshall, who will be golfing at Dallas Baptist University next year. “I never withdrew from a tournament. That was one thing I was never going to do, unless I was like bleeding or in dire need of going to the hospital. There were times that I wanted to, because when you’re in pain and you’re playing bad… I don’t know, I feel like I just learned that it doesn’t matter what the score is, you just finish.

“I also met my great physical therapist from it, I learned good stretches, I think I got a little bit more athletic from it with the physical therapy, and healthier.”