Southmoore's Chloe Vidal – Academic Athlete presented by Republic Bank & Trust


Written by John Tranchina

As a senior, Chloe Vidal has figured out how to manage her academics while also excelling for the Southmoore swimming team.

With a 4.08 GPA and a class rank of 28 out of 430 students, Vidal has made sure that her primary responsibility is her schoolwork.

“It’s super important,” he said of maintaining high marks. “I was raised in a family where grades really matter, so it’s just second nature to get good grades and strive for perfection.”

And even though she’s involved in National Honor Society and multiple other activities along with swimming, she believes the busy schedule helps her focus on making sure she gets everything done that she needs to.

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“I’m also in Link Crew – it’s like the freshman orientation thing, where you help freshmen out. And I tutor occasionally during lunch,” Vidal said of her additional activities. “This year has been the easiest, if I’m honest. I think it’s just due to swimming. It just helped me to get more organized, so I won’t mess up or miss an assignment or forget to study one day. Even though it puts more stress, it helps me maintain myself.”

Southmoore coach Jeff Beuchaw, who has overseen Vidal both in the classroom and in the water, praises her work ethic in both settings.

“Before I was Chloe’s swimming coach I was her biology teacher,” Beuchaw said. “She was a model student always working hard and eager to help others when they needed it. As I began coaching Chloe, I became more aware of her drive to do well in all things. She is an extremely hard worker.”

That determination also makes Vidal a natural leader on the Southmoore team, a shining example for the underclassmen to follow.

“I try to (be a leader),” she said. “I really do enjoy it, because I love seeing how (the underclassmen) improve when I get to help them out, and plus, it helps me get closer to them and know them a little better.”