Norman North's Lindsey Waters – Academic Athlete of the Month presented by Republic Bank & Trust


Written by John Tranchina

Lindsey Waters has always been one of the smartest kids, so while maintaining high grades has come relatively easy to her, the Norman North senior point guard has also worked hard to make it a high priority.

“I’ve always just kind of wanted to push myself in academics and to be ahead of everybody else,” said Waters, who had a 3.84 GPA before last semester and earned all As. “Early in my learning years, I was in (Gifted and Talented programs) and realized I got more stuff than what other kids can do. My mom always told me that if I tried and if I put my mind to it, I could excel in academics, too, and use that and basketball to work towards something I’d want in the future.”

She has certainly done that. In addition to providing a shining example to her teammates about how to balance athletics and schoolwork, Waters has assumed a leadership role as the Timberwolves’ most experienced player.

“I’ve realized I’m basically the oldest one playing and who’s had a lot of varsity experience,” Waters said. “So I feel like I kind of have to guide some of them in a way but also help encourage, and really just be like the motivator and help everybody get on track. And I do like it, it’s fun playing for them and they play for everybody. It’s really just team basketball.”


Norman North coach Rory Hamilton appreciates Waters’ efforts, both on the court and in the locker room.

“Lindsey is an outstanding leader and plays with tremendous toughness and tenacity,” Hamilton said. “She possesses all the intangible qualities coaches look for in a point guard and her leadership really sets the tone for our basketball team. It is these qualities that will help Lindsey be successful in all her future endeavors.”

Waters isn’t sure yet where she will attend college next year, and in fact, is still deciding whether she wants to play basketball at the next level.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about it and I don’t want to do something just because other people want me to do it or someone will think I’d be good at it,” said Waters, whose brother Lindy plays at Oklahoma State. “And I’m also thinking I can get a jump on (getting ahead in academics), like maybe med school or something, but I’m not very sure about that.”

Because she is still undecided about playing after this season, Waters is more focused than ever on basketball, influencing her performance as well as her style of leadership.

“I am approaching it like it’s my last go-round and I want to go all-out,” Waters said. “I want to make it the best I can, so the people giving half of their all, that’s not going to cut it. So that’s also why I step up in the leadership role, just making sure everyone stays on track.”