VOTE NOW!! Moore-Norman Area Wrestling Poll sponsored by O'Connells (Poll ends Jan. 21)

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We want to recognize the wrestlers who are having great seasons in our Moore-Norman Area Wrestler of the Month Poll that will commence January 11th and run through January 21st. The winner of the poll will have a feature in the upcoming issue of VYPE OKC.  See Below to VOTE!

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(DISCLAIMER: If you do not find the player you want to vote for, write their name in. If a player gets 100 votes, we will add their name to the list of nominees.)

(Disclaimer #2: Due to poll issues and potential compromising, we will allow anyone to vote as many times as they want from any device. However, if voting too many times in a short period commences, your IP address will be “Cooled Off” and will prohibit you from voting for a few hours.)

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