Westmoore's Shane Flandermeyer – Academic Athlete sponsored by Republic Bank & Trust

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Written by John Tranchina

Now that he’s a senior, Shane Flandermeyer is gradually adjusting to his new role as a leader for the Westmoore wrestling team.

“I’ve kind of been trying to fit into it the best I can this year,” said Flandermeyer, who finished second at the Class 6A West Regional and went 1-2 at the state tournament at 182 pounds last year. “It’s been a little bit different, because I haven’t really been that much of a leader in the past three years before. (It’s a challenge) getting everybody on the same page. Some people want to focus, some people don’t, so it’s been pretty hard to do, but we’re getting there.”

If he puts the same effort and energy into improving his leadership qualities as he has his schoolwork or his skills on the mat, he should be just fine.

In the classroom, Flandermeyer boasts a ridiculous 4.7 GPA and scored a 35 on his ACT. He plans on attending the University of Oklahoma next year and majoring in electrical engineering.

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“I spend a lot of time doing schoolwork,” he said. “It takes as much of my day as wrestling does, and I just figure, if I study it enough, I’ll learn it eventually.

Flandermeyer has been wrestling since he was 10 years old and enjoys the sense of accountability that comes with competing.

“I like the fact that pretty much the responsibility is all on me,” he said. “I can’t blame someone else if I lose, and if I win, I can say I did it.”

After reaching the Class 6A state tournament in each of the past two years but never ending up on the podium, Flandermeyer expects to take that next step this season, wrestling at 170 pounds.

“To win it,” he said of his goal for the year. “I don’t see why I couldn’t win state, just keep working hard. I’m doing everything right so far, I just have to keep at it.”