Devrie Peoples: Norman North Mom of the Month – sponsored by Heyday of Norman


Last season, Devrie Peoples spent every game volunteering in the concession stand at Norman North football games – the lost luggage counter of football volunteer opportunities.

It’s a job few people want to do, but she was going to be at every game, even if her son, Ryan, couldn’t play because of transfer rules.

Ryan People joined the Timberwolves this year, leading them to the Class 6A-I state quarterfinals with one of the better offenses in the state. Devrie Peoples just continued to help the program, attending booster club meetings and helping to raise money.


“I think service is very important,” Devrie Peoples said. “Me as a parent, I know it’s hard for these boys. They go to school. They have practice. They have study outside of practice. They have their job to do, and I think it makes it easier as a parent if you’re involved and you’re helpful and you’re supportive.”

Peoples is extremely involved in the community, and she said it helps her to raise money for the program when need be. But she stays involved, not just to support her son, but to support the friends that support or son as well.

“I’m just really proud of the boys and where they come from,” she said. “I’m especially proud of my son because he had to persevere a lot. … It’s really not just about Ryan. It’s about the team. Ryan is just as successful as his teammates are. Instead of just being the mom or the parent who just brags on her kid, I brag on all the team.”