Moore's Gabby Guzman – Character Counts sponsored by Eskridge Honda


Written by Dekota Gregory

Scoring 23 points in a game was not enough for Moore High School’s Gabby Guzman.

After she led the Lady Lions’ girl’s basketball team in scoring one night last season, Guzman watched the boy’s basketball team play. When that game concluded and fans dispersed, Guzman was the only one still in the student section, picking up trash so the school’s janitors would not have to the next day.

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“(Guzman) gave everything she had, then she’s the one that sits there and picks up trash out of the student section because she didn’t like it that the student section left trash everywhere for the janitors to pick up,” Moore girl’s basketball coach Brent Hodges said. “She said, ‘It shouldn’t be their job to pick up after ourselves.’ She’s that kind of kid.”

The act earned Guzman praise from the school’s principal to her coach, but that was only the first time Hodges was approached because Guzman stood out to someone outside of the basketball program.

After a tightly-contested summer game against Bartlesville in a contest that Hodges said got heated, Bruins coach Krista Binam asked to speak with Guzman after the game. When the conversation ended, she went back to Hodges.

“Krista came over and said to me, ‘I would love to have that kid on my team,’” Hodges said.


Photo courtesy of Brad Heath