Norman's Bryce Moreland – Character Counts sponsored by Investment Counseling Services


Bryce Moreland wants to be more than just the senior point guard for the Norman Tigers – a role he relishes both on and off the court. He wants to be a good friend – someone who smiles and says hello to everybody in the hallways of Norman High and checks on their days.

He wants to be a strong volunteer – someone who helps mentor elementary school students. He also wants to be a good older brother to his two younger brothers – someone who can provide guidance and lessons.

“I want to see them better than me – become better people than me,” Moreland said. “I just want to give them knowledge in life, in any way I can.”

Bryce Moreland

Moreland takes a similar approach on the court as the point guard for the Tigers. He likes to take the responsibility, despite playing on a senior-laden team, of making sure his teammates know where to be in crunch-time situations. He also willing accepts responsibility if things go wrong on the court.

“If something goes bad, I try to take fault for it,” Moreland said. “I make sure everyone is on the right page. Before the game, I make sure everyone is focused and not playing around. I like to make sure everything is operating smoothly, like a coach on the court.”

After a strong AAU season this past summer, Moreland is hoping to receive an offer to play college basketball next season. His leadership skills are already at a high level.

“I try to be a leader in everything I do and make sure everyone knows what position to be in and what play we’re running,” Moreland said. “… I’m the leader, so if a guy is open I need to get it to him or if I’m open and it’s my shot I can do that. I also draw for others.”