Norman North's Jessika Evans – Character Counts sponsored by Integris Express Care Norman



Written by Justin Hite

Jessika Evans certainly isn’t the oldest player on the Norman North girls’ basketball roster. And she’s not the most experienced either. Still, Timberwolves coach Rory Hamilton has given the sophomore forward a unique moniker.

“She’s kind of our team mom,” he said with a laugh.

Evans doesn’t shy away from the nickname either – embracing it and her penchant for bringing her teammates together and building unique friendships with each one.

“She’s just been blessed with a ton of those intangible qualities that not every kid gets. She’s organized. She’s very respectful with all of the kids in the program.

“Everyone in the program really trusts and respects who she is. … People will go to her for advice, so that’s kind of why we’ve donned her the team mom.”

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Evans, the youngest sister of former Norman North and Oklahoma football star Jordan Evans, has excelled on the basketball court.  She received her first offer this summer from Florida International and has been receiving interest from many other schools. At 5-foot-11, she plays inside for Norman North but has the skillset to stretch the floor.

Evans is also heavily involved with her church, Westside Church of Christ, and she’s a member of SGA as well.

“I always like to be in charge of everything,” Jessika Evans said. “I’m always the planner. I make sure everyone has everything. It makes me feel better about what I’m doing if everyone else is doing the same thing and the right thing. I just think it says that I’m kind of organized. I like everyone to be where they need to be and doing what they need to be doing at that time.”

Last season, Jessika Evans was strong off the bench in her first season on the varsity team. Her success on the court has been mirrored, if not surpassed, by her commitment to her community off the court and her willingness to embrace everyone in that community – at least according to her coach.

“She’s very endearing, has great charisma and is easy to talk to,” Hamilton said. “She’s very organized. She just welcomes everybody and has a wonderful smile. She lights up the room for lack of a better term. People gravitate to that and she always wants to make sure things are going right and things are taken care of.”