Norman Area Football Player of the Year Poll – Sponsored by O'Connell's

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As the football season winds down, we want to congratulate and recognize the best players in the area in our Norman Area Football Player of the Year Poll that will commence November 16th and run through November 26th. The winner of the poll will have a feature in the upcoming issue of VYPE OKC.  See Below to VOTE!

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(DISCLAIMER: If you do not find the player you want to vote for, write their name in. If a player gets 100 votes, we will add their name to the list of nominees.)

(Disclaimer #2: Due to poll issues and potential compromising, we will allow anyone to vote as many times as they want from any device. However, if voting too many times in a short period commences, your IP address will be “Cooled Off” and will prohibit you from voting for a few hours.)

Norman Area Football Player of the Year Poll –  sponsored by O’Connell’s

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