Noble's Rebecca Lindley & Kaitlyn Matlock – Norman Area Volleyball Athlete of the Month Poll Results – Presented by O’Connell’s

Norman Area Volleyball Athlete of the Month Poll Results – Presented by O’Connell’s

Rebecca Lindley – Noble, 75,334 votes

Addison Masters – Norman, 56,937 votes

Kaitlyn Matlock – Noble, 27,747 votes

Lauren Kersey – Norman North, 7,230 votes

Angel Robinson – Norman North, 3,777 votes

Esme’ Henson – Norman, 2,448 votes

Jacy Braziel – Community Christian, 1,809 votes

Brooke Cordova – Community Christian, 1,270 votes

Kayli Nail – Community Christian, 162 votes

Other players receiving votes include Maddie McIntosh, Caitlyn Young, Jessica Stinson, Abby Davis, Meaghan Coats, Carmen Kinsey, and Katie Fox.

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Rebecca Lindley & Kaitlyn Matlock – Noble

The tandem of Rebecca Lindley and Kaitlyn Matlock has been an effective combo all season for head coach Chrissy Marsee.

“Both Rebecca Lindley and Kaitlyn Matlock have excelled this season. I have coached them both in middle school as well as high school and have watched them grow as both students and athletes,” said Marsee.

Matlock is a sophomore and is the setter in the 5-1 offense.

“She averaged 70 assists and three kills per match this season,” said Marsee.

Lindley, a junior, is an outside hitter as well as a primary passer.

“She has a cumulative 2.2 serve receive passing score as well as an average of seven kills per match. Both players have positive attitudes with a fire to improve each time they step on the court. They both carry a 4.0 GPA modeling the importance of being a student before an athlete. Both are active in school clubs as well and play club volleyball. They bring a strong work ethic and discipline to the team,” said Marsee.

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