Westmoore Cheer Character Counts: Olivia Williams – Presented by Eskridge Honda


Written by John Tranchina

Despite being a junior, Olivia Williams has years of experience as a cheerleader, so she has naturally assumed a leadership role with the Westmoore Cheer Squad.

“I’ve been cheering since I was four, and I’ve been on school cheer since seventh grade,” said Williams, who is also involved in the National Honor Society and Junior Council at Westmoore. “There’s not that many older people on the team, there’s only two seniors. I just felt like I was obligated to be a leader. I’ve always liked being a leader, I like to encourage people.”

Westmoore coach Mallory Rigsby is glad she has someone like Williams to rely upon.

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“Olivia is an amazing leader,” Rigsby said. “She not only encourages and motivates her team during practices, but she is a wonderful role model outside of cheer. She strives to make Westmoore Cheer a great program. Olivia works hard during and outside of practice to improve her skills. Her motivation and dedication is inspiring.”

Williams, who also works as a car-hop at Sonic, enjoys all aspects of cheerleading, but particularly the way in which it helps her feel more connected to the Westmoore school community.

“You’re actually involved in the school,” she said. “If I didn’t do cheer, I don’t know if I’d have as much fun at football games and such.”