Rene Hurst: Norman High Mom of the Month sponsored by Antique Gardens

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Written by Justin Hite

“Momma Hurst” seems to have mixed feelings about the nickname that the Norman girls’ basketball team gave to her. Rene Hurst, the mother of sophomore Emily Hurst and senior Haley Hurst, has become more than just a mother to her own girls through her work over seven years with booster clubs.

Even after girls’ leave the program, they still contact “Momma Hurst.” And he’s always willing to continue lending a helping hand, even if she’s not sure if her moniker is a complete compliment.

“There are always athletes that need help, and there are always coaches that are short of money,” Hurst said. “Your job is to be supportive of everyone, the whole program plus all the kids that are there. … Why not be part of the fix?”

Hurst served as the NAAP representative and worked the booster club for all sports when her girls were in middle school and is currently the treasurer of the girls’ basketball booster club.

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Having two daughters playing at different levels – varsity and junior varsity – makes for a tough schedule. She’s committed four to five weeknights every week, leaving just Wednesday night for the family. But she takes a lot of pride in her organization skills and helping all levels of the program.

“Let’s do something, let’s raise some money and then let’s take care of all the kids in the program,” Hurst said.

Hurst was given a travel mug from the Norman girls’ basketball team with her nickname on it, and she’s now trying to teach the girls to give back. Hurst helped start the FCA program at the middle school level and is very serious about community involvement. She sets up a schedule for the girls to do a service project every season.

She said that business give money to help the program, so the teams should do the same to help in their community.

“They have to give back,” said Hurst, cherishing the support of the administration and coaches. “Coaches don’t always have time to plan all that. I take that as part of what the booster club does.”