Community Christian's Chandler Burton – Academic Athlete sponsored by Republic Bank and Trust


Written by Michael Kinney

It has been a tough year for the Community Christian football team. They started the season 0-4 and coach Mat McIntosh was searching for answers.

However, there was at least one thing McIntosh didn’t have to worry about. Chandler Burton’s attitude had been the same since before the season began.

According to McIntosh, Burton is one of those players whose every move seems to be to make sure Community Christian succeeds on and off the field.

“He is one very involved in our school. He’s a good student,” McIntosh said. “He’s one that really, for our off-season guys, really took leadership, really helped take some of our younger players under his wing, not only helping them on the field and in the weight room, but gave lots of guys rides where they needed to go. To just try to be a good teammate, a good leader and really served the younger guys on our football team.”

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Burton plays on both sides of the ball for the Royals. While his main positions are linebacker and runningback, they are not the only spots he will line up in.

“He’s a guy who, this year we’ve moved to a new position, again part of that’s because of the work he’s done in the weight room,” McIntosh said. “Added some strength and size. But he’s always been a defensive back for us. Just again, the work he’s done in the weight room, he’s played linebacker for us. Played some defensive end for us. And again, it’s just a great example of how the off-season, and not just his leadership but the work that he put in, is allowing him to see significant time on the field for it.”

But Burton’s presence in the locker room and during the offseason has been as big of an impact on the Royals.

“Well, it builds unity. It builds an idea, some teaching for the younger guys of things they can inspire to,” McIntosh said. “So it’s really a leadership by example that hopefully the next generation of players will latch onto. It’s a big deal for team unity, team chemistry, and guys really showing care and concern for each other.”

McIntosh said Burton has always had that type of personality. But it wasn’t until recently that it just all clicked and came together for Burton.

“Last year going from the end of his junior year to his senior year, he just really embraced that role, and those responsibilities for us,” McIntosh said. “Just kind of over the winter and through the spring and into the summer, just in the weight room, he just really took that upon himself to be sure our younger guys were a part and felt included and just really showed some initiation on his own to do that.”


Photo credit: Jim & Lisa Photography