Norman's Maddie Bryant Community Christian School Spotlight Athlete sponsored by Landers Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram of Norman


Written by Michael Kinney

Stephanie Myrick sees everything. 

The Community Christian volleyball coach has her eye on her players’ movements from the start to the end of each game. However, Myrick also watches her players’ actions when they think no one has an eye on them. That is sometimes where she can learn the most about her players, including Maddie Bryant.

She is constantly doing things that she’s not asked to do,” Myrick said of Bryant. “Like we’ll look up and after a game is over she’s going up and down the bleachers and picking up trash, and she’s always reaching out to others. Like she told us – we were just talking to her a couple weeks ago and she said that she just loves to love people.”

According to Myrick, Bryant has made it her goal to help people. That includes trips to help feed the hungry, being part of key club and her youth leadership team. She just always has a smile on her face,” Myrick said. “She always wants to help others, whether it’s in the classroom or not. She’s an A-student also.”

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This is not some new concept for Bryant. She has been helpful to her teammates no matter what team she has been on. I’ve been here for the past five seasons, and ever since I’ve known her she’s always wanted to help people,” Myrick said. “She is always asking me, “What else, is there anything else we need to do before we leave today,” and things like that. I think that a lot of the time, they’re still trying to be – I shouldn’t say self-centered, but, you know, they’re more focused on themselves than others, and so she has never been that way. Reaching out to others, which as we know in society, in today’s society, that’s not a normal thing.”

As a junior on the Royals squad, Bryant has a been a solid player this year, but next season Myrick will be expecting even more from her. “She starts sometimes, but she’s very dedicated,” Myrick said. “She’s always there. She loves to play the game. She’s always asking what she can do to be better. So, next year she’ll definitely be a starter as a senior.”