Southmoore's Luke Evans Spotlight Athlete sponsored by Eskridge Honda


Written by John Tranchina

Luke Evans may be just a sophomore, but he has already made such an impression that he has just naturally assumed the role of Southmoore cross country team leader.

It’s a role he embraces and is proud to take on.

“It makes me feel like I have a part on my team,” Evans said. “I have to hold them together in a way, even when they’re all fighting. (It may be) just a little early, but I’m okay with it. I do like it. It teaches me more how to be a leader, because I do know when I am a senior, I will be basically in charge of everybody.”

Southmoore coach Shanon Atkinson has always considered Evans as one of his go-to guys and is equally impressed with his presence off the course, as well.

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“Luke’s been a kid that came from day one and started running, I would think, at a junior level,” Atkinson said. “He kind of caught my attention day one. The way he carries himself, he’s a good kid, he makes good grades. I was even one of his teachers, actually, last year, so I had a chance to see him in the classroom firsthand, and be around him. He’s a crazy kid, so I have to keep an eye on him sometimes, but he’s an all-around character that you’d want. You’d want a team full of Lukes.”

Besides making sure he runs year-round, Evans is also quite focused on his schoolwork.

“That’s actually my top priority,” he said. “Every single day when I first get home, I just get on it. I try to make sure I don’t have to worry about it later on.”