Norman North’s Jackson Wilhite is the Male Academic Athlete of the Month presented by Republic Bank & Trust


Written by Justin Hite

For a couple days in the sixth grade, Jackson Wilhite was an offensive lineman. There’s no telling how long his current 5-foot-9, 195-pound frame would have held up in the trenches at Norman North.

Luckily, two days before his first football game, his youth coach asked if anyone had played soccer. He was looking for a kicker. Wilhite had played soccer for years before trying football, and now, he’s preparing for his senior season at Norman North with hopes of kicking in college.

“The mental part of kicking is crazy,” Wilhite said. “It really is true what people say about it being mental. Yes, you have to have skills, but at the same time, if you can’t focus then you can’t make a kick that a sixth grader could make really.”

His attention to detail on the field – walking through the paces of every kick in his head – shows up in the classroom where he carries a 3.54 GPA into his senior year at Norman North. Wilhite is currently enrolled at the Moore-Norman Technology Center, where he has taken classes for the past two years. Wilhite took AP Physics last year and will take AP Statistics this year.

Jackson Wilhite

“School has always been really important to me,” Wilhite said. “It was something that I really looked forward to. … I always had really good teachers, so that helped a lot.”

He participates in his youth group at Trinity Baptist Church and Tomorrow’s Leaders. He’s also a member of Younglife.

Wilhite hopes to major in Computer Sciences or Computer Engineering in college, where he has received football interest from UCO and is interested in attending North Texas.

“Through school, I’ve learned how to focus and study,” Wilhite said. “That’s helped me a lot kicking because I’m able to focus, list all the things I need to do in my head and prepare. The same way you would prepare for a test. When I’m getting ready to kick the ball, you prepare, you run through what you have to do. Every kick is unique. Every kick is different.”