Norman North – Jordan Hammer – Spotlight sponsored by Integris Norman Express Care



Written by John Tranchina

As a senior, Jordan Hammer is an important leader for the Norman North cheerleader squad, and she takes pride in making sure everyone is on the same page.

“It’s definitely a challenge, because there’s so many people that you have to look after,” Hammer said. “Being at every practice, showing up and being very encouraging is definitely something I’ve tried to do.”

Timberwolves cheerleader coach Leslie Van Meter is thankful for Hammer’s presence.

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“She is so accountable, she leads by example,” Van Meter said. “You don’t have to ask her to do anything twice. She takes initiative to make sure that everybody’s accounted for. She’s very respected by all the underclassmen. She’s just an all-around great kid. You wish you could clone her 1,000 times. She just always works hard. I’ve never seen her roll her eyes or complain, which is saying a lot for a high school cheerleader.”

Hammer is also in the National Honor Society and the Key Club.

“Cheering is very important to me also, but outside of cheer, I try to portray myself as a good kid,” she said. “I just work hard in every aspect.”