Westmoore Academic Athlete: Ryan Clark – Presented by Republic Bank & Trust


By Justin Hite

Westmoore outside linebacker Ryan Clark watches film with an intense purpose. He watches every player, on every play, and tries to pick out subtle nuances that will give him an advantage Friday night.

Clark sits in on coaches game plan meetings on occasion but spends hours in the film room – helping to show his teammates what to look for on film while also giving himself an advantage. His studious nature scouting his next opponent shouldn’t come as a surprise to those who know him. Clark finished last year with a 4.67 GPA while taking a strenuous schedule that included AP Chemistry, AP Statistics, and AP English.

“You can’t be a dumb football player,” Westmoore coach Lorenzo Williams said. “If you are, you aren’t going to make very far. … If you cant’ break down film, study and stay in school with your grades you’re going to have time being a football player – let alone a good football player. The battle is won in the preparation, and he takes that very seriously. … He’s a really big part of what we do here.”

Right now, Clark is looking at his academic future over his football future, which has potential as well after he finished last season with 98 tackles, 12 tackles for loss, five sacks and eight passes broken up. He was strong in coverage for the Jaguars but failed to pull in an interception.

Clark is also involved with his youth group at Victory Family Church. He’s hoping to attend Colorado School of Minds or Oklahoma Baptist University next year.

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“I make sure I’m as prepared as I can be, and I know the defense inside and out, so I can make sure

everybody else knows how to do their job,” Clark said.

Clark will shift to the strongside outside linebacker this year and has been a three-year starter while rising to the Jaguars’ leader on defense. His ability to read and react – after watching film – has enhanced his ability on the field.

“He’s a hard-working kid,” Williams said. “A lot of guys look up to him for the way he works and the way he prepares. … He’s already kind of winning the game in his head before he gets to the game.”