Norman's Gaylan Randle is the Investment Counseling Service Player Spotlight


When Norman High coach Rocky Martin was asked what traits he thinks of when he hears Character Count, he began list them.

But there was one trait that really stood out for Martin and it had nothing to do with what takes place on the field.

Martin, who is in his first year at NHS, said what a football player does in the classroom is just as important as what he does on the playing field. That is why Gaylan Randle (6-2, 218) fits perfectly into what Martin is trying to build at Norman.

“That’s huge. I am constantly preaching I don’t care how good of a football player you are,”Martin said. “If you can’t get it done in the classroom, it doesn’t even matter. Football doesn’t last for ever. So you better be able to get good grades. Hopefully they choose to go to college. And it seems like Gaylan is really focused on his academics, which is huge.”

Martin is taking over a team that went 1-9 in 2016. That is not a position the Tiger faithful are used to finding themselves.

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As martin begins the turnaround, he needs a player like Randle to help lead the younger Tigers and show them what it takes to play at the 6A level.

“I haven’t been around these kids that much. But he is one who caught my eye early,” Martin said. “He has been here every day. He shows up on time. He is a 3.5 GPA kid so I know gets the job done in the classroom. He cares about the small things- being on time and doing everything the way they are supposed to be done.”

As a junior, Randle averaged five tackles a game from his inside linebacker spot. Martin expects those numbers to rise, along with his responsibilities, during his senior year.

“I just need him to be that leader. To me an insider middle linebacker is the quarterback of the defense,” Martin said. “That’s where I really need Gaylan to step up and really show that leadership role. He basically has to know every position on the defensive side of the ball, what their responsibilities are. He has to help with guys getting aligned right, knowing their assignments. I think he Is slowly realizing that is going to be his role. He has done a good job thus far.”