Norman North Mom of the Month: Leslie Liddell – sponsored by Antique Garden of Norman


Geo Claros didn’t normally make exceptions for kids in the Norman Youth Soccer Association, but for some reason, he gave Seth Liddell some extra wiggle room six years ago as a part of the Academy Soccer program.

That’s how he met Leslie, Seth’s mother, and eventually his long-time booster club president.

“Every good coach needs someone they can depend on to run everything off the field so that I as a coach can manage the players on the field,” Claros said. “I have been lucky to have that one special person that always goes above and beyond.”

Four of Leslie Liddell’s children have attended Norman North, and her son Noah will be the fourth to graduate next spring. Noah Liddell, following his brother Seth, is the second soccer player from the Liddell family to play at Norman North – giving Leslie Liddell almost six years in the program, including the last four as the booster club president.

“Anything my kids are doing, I’m just going to be involved in it,” Leslie Liddell said. “That’s just what I do. … It’s easy for him to communicate with me what needs to be done, then I get it done.”

Leslie Lidell

Leslie Liddell’s two oldest children competed in pom squad and football, but she has done everything from raising money to washing soccer uniforms after every game for Claros’ program. For the past eight years, the Timberwolves have held film sessions at the Liddell’s house, and she has even sold concessions at games – citing the importance of leading by example.

“She does all of this with a smile, positive attitude, and infectious laughter,” Claros said. “She is that one person you can depend on no matter what.”

Leslie Liddell laughed off the notion that she would have done anything differently had she known from the beginning just how involved she would become.

“I wouldn’t change anything at all,” she said. “I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Neither would Claros, who even joked that he might not want to coach if Liddell isn’t his booster club president.

“I knew she was going to take a load of stress off my back and help me accomplish the goals I wanted to have here at Norman North,” Claros said. “… It’s gone where it’s more than just she’s my booster club president and team manager. I truly have a good friend, where once her kids are gone out of here, she’s someone I can still turn to for any help or guidance.”